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Data Visualisation and Management Services

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CyMark Largo Services offer Data Visualisation and Management services that include but not limited to: data model design, data warehouse design, database connections, web portals, data parsing and ETL services; Cloud data visualisation and cloud data management services, data integration, dashboarding and much more. Today companies generate staggering amounts of data and struggle to make sense of what is happening in their organisations.

How to make sense, report and make decisions with this flood of data? Traditionally organisations data sources have been treated in silos. Organisations want to unlock the power hidden in the integration and interpretation of all their data streams and create an advantage with more accurate/relevant information that can be extrapolated into the future to enable sound decision making. Proper data quality management is key.

Integration of all data sources and extracting value is no mean feat. Abstraction, modelling, warehousing, transformation, aggregation and many other activities are required. Those organisations that can do this well will have an advantage.

Technologies used by CyMark Largo: Database: SqlServer 2017 and Postgres. Cloud: Azure tools like Data Factory and virtual servers; Amazon virtual servers and tools like Quicksight. Postgresql extensions used timescaledb, postgis. Net Core services and web portals based on the latest Blazor and frameworks from Microsoft. Power BI integration, data models, data warehouse support and deployment. Infrastructure/servers deployed: Azure Windows Servers, Amazon Linux servers, SQL Server 2017, Postgresql, physical servers. We also manage customer environments from server to database and cloud services.


Gain Visibility of your organisation information and the associated costs. See how the costs change over time and where your cost drivers are.

Track your Key Performance Areas for all your operational processes.


Analysis of usage, infrastructure, financial data and other data sources and charges like interest, discounts and adjustments give you insight into your expense patterns.

Operational processes and efficiencies can be monitored, by analysing the correct data sources and assessing the quality of data streams.

Cost Management

Identify areas where expenses can be reduces or eliminated. Identify redundant infrastructure and discontinued services. Track key performance indicators to improve your business and operational processes.

Turn your Information into Power!

CyMark Largo Services have passion for Data Management and Data Visualisation. We understand how important data management and data quality is. We understand the power that is locked-up in your organisation‘s information. You can get a competitive advantage by understanding your data better, manage your data quality more effectively and get quality business intelligence.

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